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Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Hand Clappers

If you’re as excited as we are to watch Queen Elizabeth the Second mark her 70 years on the throne in June, you will want to make a noise about it!

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Product description

With a WTTB custom designed Queen’s jubilee paper clapper, you can save your voice and let your hands make the celebratory whoops and hollers! These lightweight party clappers are a great way to mark the occasion and have been specially designed with Her Majesty in mind.

WTTB’s Platinum Jubilee hand clappers are double sided with a royal purple union jack and official logo one side and the jubilee crown pattern with logo on other. They are both eye and ear catching and will make a great addition to any Queen’s jubilee street parties!

Download our free predesigned template below and get started on your Jubilee celebrations today.

Frequently Asked Questions

No question is too big or small for WTTB. We understand that placing a print order online for the first time can be tricky, but we're here to help. If the below FAQs don’t provide the answer you need, get in touch via live chat or telephone. We love speaking to people, so don't be shy.

How do I personalise my clappers?

Select 'personalise' button on the template and fill in the fields with desired details. Finally, select 'finish' to save your design.

What are hand clappers?

Hand clappers are noisemakers made from paper that are folded in such a way that when the folds come together, they make a noise.

How do I assemble hand clappers?

Hand clappers are pre-creased but are supplied flat. To put a clapper together, simply fold each crease in the opposite direction to make a fan shape.

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