Meet The Team

The key to WTTB's success isn’t just print, it’s about working with the right people. Our team have been hand-picked for their knowledge and expertise. Meet our talented team of print aficionados.

Meet the team

"Hello, my name is Allan, and I've spent the last 16 years working in the printing industry, rising through the ranks and learning new skills along the way. I treat my customers as if they were friends, and like to think I go out of my way to give them the best products at the best prices I can. There is very little we can't do here at WTTB,  So don't be shy".

Allan Seymour

Bespoke Estimator - 0208 911 3174

"I don’t like to tell people how long I’ve been in print but it’s a very long time. I started at 18 as a litho print apprentice so work that out! At WTTB I manage the estimating for all large format enquiries and also control & purchase material stock for production within our large format site. I also have one of the best views from a working desk in the Northeast".

Steve Donnelly

Large Format Estimating - North

"Hello, my name is Michael. I have been working with WTTB for 8 months now but I have been within the business for 7 years now and have watched it grow tremendously over that time.. When I am not in work though you can normally find me on a golf course somewhere!"

Michael Bartlett

Trust and Delight Manager - London

"I've been with WTTB for 5 years and have held a variety of positions, including Finishing Supervisor and Dispatch Manager, as well as the finest job title ever. When I'm not quality-checking jobs, I enjoy watching football, however it's fair to say that rooting for Sunderland isn't always fun!"

Sarah Edgell

Trust and Delight Manager - North

"Who can say they love their job? Well I can! There is no better place to be than WTTB. My whole life revolves around print, I have a background in design, partner in the industry and an abundance of colouring pens with my two young children, so there is no escaping the wonderful World of print and design. Would I have it any other way… of course not!"

Jen Allen

Customer Service Manager

"Hello, my name is Joanne, and while I have only recently joined the company, I already feel like a member of the WTTB family. I am a huge football fan who will watch any game, regardless of which club is playing, and I enjoy spending my free time at my caravan with my Cockapoo Zero".

Joanne Cook

Customer Service

"Hello, my name is Laura, and I'm a printmaker and traditional screen printer by trade, therefore I'm obsessed with all things print. I'm a bit eccentric when it comes to art and design, and I appreciate the unexpected. But I'm also monochromatic and lacklustre in terms of colour".

Laura Dixon

Customer Service

"Over the course of my five years at WTTB, I've seen our service grow and develop into what I believe is the best client-friendly platform available. Mountain biking and hiking take up the most of my free time, with squash and rock climbing thrown in for good measure".

Mark Taylor

Customer Service

"I've been at WTTB for about 18 months and can confidently say that I've enjoyed every minute of my time in the print industry thus far. The fast-paced, constantly changing atmosphere has posed many challenges, but taking initiative and working as part of a team has brought out the best in my abilities"..

Jordan Schorah

Customer Service

"I was welcomed with open arms into the WTTB family and have never looked back. I am often heard before I am seen and will always try to make everyone smile and add a bit of humour into everyone’s day. Away from WTTB I am a keen baker (always a hit in the office!) and an animal lover, with a cat, dog and tortoise at home".

Kayleigh Hope

Customer Service

"Hi, my name is Emma, and I'm a customer support representative. I absolutely adore my job because I just love talking. Customers tell me I am Warm-hearted, which is really nice to know . I am a really family-oriented person who enjoys live music, particularly rock! So if there's a Karaoke, I'm first in line".

Emma Cooper

Customer Service

"Hello, my name is Kay. For over 30 years, I've worked in customer service and sales at all levels. I've been here for three years and it's a fantastic place to work. The entire group is amazing and really supportive, as you will discover as you get to know and work with us. I enjoy talking on the phone with you all, and I hope my accent doesn't put you off!"

Kay Lindsay

Customer Development Manager

"I've been with WTTB for about a year and have enjoyed watching it grow; since then, I've discovered my passion for design. I've worked in customer service and sales for a long time. Outside of work, you'll find me around the neighbourhood, sipping a cocktail and honing my social skills".

Charlotte Scales

Customer Development

"Hello, my name is Michelle Batey, and I'm with the customer development team. Who am I, exactly? Although I am known for being unusually loud, I have a laid-back personality. For me, the most important life commandments are: If it isn't broken, don't fix it, and constantly attempt to make the impossible possible, because giving up is never enjoyable".

Michelle Batey

Customer Development

"As a creative person, I enjoy working at WTTB and seeing all of the amazing artwork our clients bring in. I've been here for a year and consider myself to be a true member of the WTTB family. I make and design wedding flowers in my spare time, and I've been a dedicated part-time florist for 6 years, so I have a good eye for design".

Ellie Tate

Customer Development

"I have worked at WTTB for 7 years and seen the platform grow from strength to strength. When I am not bleeding WTTB colours I play semi-professional ice for the Billingham Stars. I have been playing ice hockey for 27 years and this has taken me all over the world".

Michael Elder

E-commerce Product Owner

"I've been at WTTB for three years, during which time I've progressed through numerous areas, & seen WTTB grow from strength to strength. In my spare time, I compete in amateur boxing, winning regional & national titles as well as gold, silver, & bronze medals. I've also performed on the BBC & at the legendary Alexandra Palace".

Amber Dennis

Digital Operations support

"I've been with WTTB for 11 years, and my current position is head of production in the Sunderland location. It has grown from strength to strength. When I'm not coordinating the workflows here, I like to socialise and go mountain biking when I have the opportunity".

Martin Edgell

Head of Production - North

“I have worked for WTTB for 5 years, starting when I was just 18, the company have gave me opportunities to grow as a person and gave me an exciting career path. When I am not at work I enjoy following Newcastle United a not so popular choice working in Sunderland!”

Cameron Howell

Day Shift Production Manager - North

"I've been with the company for almost 5 years and there is never a dull moment. There's nothing worse than being bored, and you won't be bored here! You'll usually find me knee deep in production, right in the middle of things. I'm passionate about the printing industry, and I'm always looking for new ways to work smarter rather than harder".

Lewis Nevison

Night Shift Production Manager - North

"I've been at WTTB for six years and am lucky enough to work with such a fantastic group of people. When I'm not delivering WTTB orders, I'm spending quality time with my wife and three children doing something fun".

Chris Pinborough, MSc

Production Director - South

"Hello, my name is Billy, and I've been with WTTB for 11 years, growing with the company. I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, and working on DIY projects while I'm not at work".

Billy Gibbs-O’Riordan

Operations Manager - South

Steve Dutton

Bindery Manager - South

"For the past 14 years, I've been a part of the production team, and I've witnessed the team grow from strength to strength. In my free time, I like playing in a multitude of sports and spending time with my two young children".

Steve Baldwin

Digital Manager - South

"Hi, my name is Alf, and I've been the WTTB dispatch manager for 4 years. My favourite aspect of the job is making sure that all of our goods arrive in pristine condition and on schedule. When I'm not at work, you'll find me standing on a chilly rugby pitch, watching one of my three sons play their favourite sport".

Alf Stephenson

Despatch Manager

“I have worked at WTTB for 8 years as Studio Manager coordinating and controlling the pre-press aspect of the business. When I’m not chained to my desk at work, i enjoy quality family time at home, walking our dog, watching movies and long bikes rides (if the weather stays dry!)”

Andrew Tracey

Studio Manager

“I have only been at WTTB a short time & am so happy to have found a job I love with such amazing people! When not in work I am often out in my tiny car with my boyfriend & our Labrador, enjoying the Northumberland scenery. Failing that I’m usually watching TV, Cruising with Jane McDonald being one of my favs (Not even kidding)”

Alice Parr


"Hello, my name is Richard, and i am the Product Manager for our suite of Inky products. I works with a talented group of developers to build intuitive eCommerce solutions for print merchants. I enjoys many hobbies in my spare time. Unfortunately, i am tragically average at all of them".

Richard Williams

Inky Production Manager

"I've been with WTTB since the beginning and have enjoyed watching the site, our customers, our team, and our company develop and evolve . When I'm not here, I'm cleaning and organising, as well as watching my three boys play rugby".

Louise Stephenson

Managing Director

"Don't tell anyone, but I'm older than the furniture, having spent more than 27 years here. I've done everything from brewing the teas to operating the presses, account management, to finally becoming the Marketing Director. Not bad hay, given that my chosen profession was largely based on a bet with a friend. There is no such word as can't!"

Emma Thompson

Marketing Director

"I've worked as a dedicated creative with WTTB for almost six years, delivering in-house design and marketing solutions. When I'm not thinking of new ideas, you'll probably find me exploring a far off galaxy (via Playstation). My hobbies include breakfast, lunch and dinner".

Ben Riches

Creative & Marketing Manager

"I am a Motion Graphics graduate who joined the marketing team for WTTB in 2019 and no two days have been the same since. Outside of work you’ll find me living up to my surname with adventurous hobbies or more realistically sat with friends in a rooftop bar".

Rachel Bond

Creative & Marketing Coordinator

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